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Water2Go Industrial Filtration Systems:

Ensuring Pure Water for Your Operations

Industrial Filtration

At Water2Go, we understand the critical importance of water quality in industrial settings. Our industrial filtration systems are meticulously designed to remove impurities and contaminants, safeguarding the efficiency and longevity of your equipment while minimizing maintenance costs.

Water2Go’s industrial filtration systems are indispensable assets for industries seeking to maintain water quality, protect equipment, and optimize operations. With our tailored solutions, expertise, and commitment to quality, we empower businesses to thrive in a sustainable and efficient manner.

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Industrial RO and ultra filtration plants


Waste water recovery and filtration


Water softening and conditioning


Bottle blowing and filling plants


River water to pristine drinking water

How our filtration systems can benefit you?

1. Purpose and Function:

    • Efficient Contaminant Removal: Our industrial filtration systems are engineered to swiftly and effectively remove contaminants and impurities from water used in industrial processes.
    • Equipment Protection: By preventing fouling issues, corrosion, and damage caused by untreated water, our filtration systems ensure optimal performance and prolonged lifespan of your industrial equipment.

2. Types of Water2Go Industrial Filtration Systems:

    • Pipeline/Basket Strainers: Closed filtration systems with mesh or perforated screens for collecting contaminants.
    • Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers: Self-cleaning systems that trap debris and flush contaminants automatically, ensuring continuous operation.
    • Reverse Osmosis: Utilizes semi-permeable membranes to remove dissolved solids and contaminants, delivering high-purity water.
    • Media Filters: Multi-layered filters that trap contaminants as water passes through, offering efficient purification.
    • Coolant Filtration Systems: Specifically designed to remove solids from coolant solutions, improving production rates and reducing costs.

3. Benefits of Water2Go Industrial Filtration:

    • Cost Savings: Reduced equipment maintenance costs and extended lifespan of industrial machinery result in significant cost savings.
    • Environmental Sustainability: Lower effluent production and improved equipment efficiency contribute to environmental sustainability.
    • Enhanced Performance: Our filtration systems optimize equipment performance, minimizing the risk of downtime and equipment failure.

4. Industries Benefiting from Water2Go Filtration Systems:

    • Manufacturing: Automotive, Electronics, Paper, Plastics
    • Processing: Food and Beverage, Chemical Production, Oil/Gas
    • Healthcare: Medical, Biotech

5. Considerations for Implementation:

    • Tailored Solutions: Our experts assess your facility’s needs and recommend customized filtration solutions.
    • Regulatory Compliance: We ensure compliance with regulatory standards and environmental regulations, providing peace of mind.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Our filtration systems offer a balance between upfront costs and long-term savings, maximizing ROI.

6. Procurement and Installation:

    • Reputable Supplier: Water2Go is a trusted supplier of industrial filtration systems, ensuring quality and reliability.
    • Professional Installation: Our team of experts handles installation, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency of the system.

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