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Welcome to Water2Go, where getting high-quality drinking water is simple and convenient. Our stores offer a consistent experience, whether you’re in your local area or traveling to another city. With modern design and various container sizes to choose from, including small bottles to larger containers, we ensure you find what suits you best. Plus, our refill options allow you to save money and reduce waste by refilling your own containers right in our stores. And it’s not just water – we also offer water purification equipment and accessories to meet all your needs in one place. Interested in owning your own Water2Go store? Join our community of entrepreneurs with our franchise opportunities. At Water2Go, we’re dedicated to providing you with pure drinking water and exceptional service every time you visit. Come see us today!

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 The Water2Go retail units are truly an eye catcher with its blue LED lighting and the constant flow of bubbles, it creates a point of attraction in any retail store.

Do you have a supermarket or convenience store? The Water2go Waterbar creates a pleasant atmosphere and invites clients to your store, most importantly it yields an attractive profit margin. And with 450+ installations throughout South Africa and Botswana you are sure to partner with the leaders in the industry.

Units are offered on rental, thus zero capital outlay or maintenance costs. For more details or to find out if you qualify for the rental option, please contact us.

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